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In 2012, Khumbulani Craft, originally registered as a Section 21 Company Not-For-Profit, was merged with the Siyazisiza Trust and now operates as the craft division of the Siyazisiza Trust within the Trust’s overall objective of creating sustainable and independent craft enterprises.

We have recognised that a common expectation by craft development organisations is that craft producers are expected to take on the roles of administrators, financial managers and marketers. Our new model will focus on the establishment of secondary co-operatives which will manage the marketing, administration and financial management on behalf of geographically selected primary craft co-operatives, the latter being the craft producer groups. An initiative to address the challenges of transport in rural areas is currently being developed. Our activities include product development and basic business skills training, ensuring fair trade and promoting environmental responsibility.

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Salad servers, platters, bowls, decorative pieces and stools all made from Jacaranda wood. In South Africa Jacaranda wood is listed under a special category of alien invasive species. It is and exotic wood – a category 3 declared invader.

African Stone Products

Black African Stone is a volcanic stone from the North West Province of South Africa, the only place in the world where this stone is found.

Beaded Items

Contemporary and traditional beadwork products in a range of colour combinations. Products include traditional and contemporary beaded dolls, fridge magnets, key rings, lanyards and mine workers’ hats.

Candle Holders

The crafters manufacture the unique Julia Leakey ostrich egg candle holders to her beautiful designs. Availability is dependent on office stock as ostrich numbers have been depleted and it may take years for their numbers to recuperate.


A range of traditional ukhamba pots and contemporary ceramics using black and white clay.

Christmas Decorations

Angels, hearts, wreaths, stars and other ornaments made from wood, beads, wire and recycled tin cans.

Hand Made Recycled glass Beads & Products

Loose beads, necklaces, bracelets and earring made from recycled glass.

Home Textiles

Beaded traditional and contemporary runners, crochet cushions and decorative wall mounts.

Homeware & Home Accessories

A range of products including recycled glass beaded curtains, beaded dancing sticks, Isicholo Zulu hats (plain and embellished), woven grass items, mobiles and woven Poplar items.


Traditional and contemporary jewellery including necklaces and bracelets. Innovative rings made from recycled bottle tops and HIVAIDS ribbons made from recycled tin cans.

Khumbulani Kiddies

Unusual items for children including hand embellished felt booties. Decorative items include hanging mobiles and wall mounts.

Traditional craft

Traditionally beaded dancing sticks, beaded veils, decorated calabashes and traditional Isicholo hats.

Woven Ilala Products

The rural crafters weave traditionally woven Ilala baskets, stools and decorative wall medallions. BarberOsgerby stools are produced under licence of the London-based internationally renowned designing team, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby..

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