The Siyazisiza Trust

Our Donors and Partners


THE TIGERS EYE – our lead partner in performance

Over the past twelve years, Tigers Eye has become the largest single donor to the Siyazisiza Trust and its craft division, the Khumbulani Collection having contributed more than R 60 million since 1999.

Tigers Eye is southern Africa’s largest retailer of African souvenirs, curios and crafts. The organization operates a chain of some 60 stores in key tourist destinations including international airports, national parks and major shopping precincts.

The partnership was formed to align the values of Tigers Eye’s business with their corporate social investments and enterprise development objectives in as synergistic a manner as possible. Two of Tigers Eye’s key values are:

  • Supporting local businesses;
  • Creating sustainable jobs in rural areas of South Africa.

In terms of rural craft development, Tigers Eye provides information about market opportunities and provides retail space. The funds invested in Khumbulani Craft and the Siyazisiza Trust are directly related to the performance of Tigers Eye. All trading is done on an arm’s length basis to ensure that fair trade principles are applied.




Our donors and partners are the foundation of all of our endeavours in changing the lives of thousands of rural people. We are encouraged by the confidence they place in us and recognize and applaud their ongoing support and interest. Our current donors and partners include:

  • Ackerman Pick ‘n Pay Foundation
  • Anglo American Chairman’s Fund
  • The Albert and Molly Baumann
  • Malcolm and Gladys Cameron Foundation
  • The Davies Foundation
  • The Fulton Trust
  • Gauteng Tourism Authority
  • Imbewu Capital Partners (Hulamin)
  • Mr Andrew Lane
  • Desmond Leech Bequest
  • National Development Agency
  • The Nedbank Foundation
  • Ian Perkins (Switzerland)
  • Polyurethane Developments
  • SEDA Gauteng
  • The Spar Group
  • Tigers Eye which has, over the past twelve years, become the largest single donor to the Siyazisiza Trust, having contributed more than R 60 million since 1999.
  • United Way International through the generosity of the Citi Foundation

In promoting sustainability among the producers, it is equally critical that the Siyazisiza Trust itself be sustainable and in this regard, we are developing a number of additional income streams including our ability, based on our experience and track record, to respond to tenders and a rural transport initiative.